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About Lighthouse Psychiatry

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            Why work in mental health? It is a question that we’ve been asked many times, and it is one that we anticipate we will be asked many more. The simplest answer is that we want to help people, especially those who need it. We feel that mental health is just as important as physical health and has for far too long been stigmatized. We care about the well-being of our patients and improving their lives positively as we have been impacted enormously by those that have suffered from mental illnesses. Whether in our own lives by those we are closest to or throughout our professional careers, we have seen the beautiful things that can happen when we take the time and care to help someone and recognize the impact it can have on the patient and ourselves. That connection, that emotion that comes through working with mental health, is incredibly fulfilling, and it’s one that we want to share with as many people as we can. So why work in mental health? It is an issue that is so personal and touches our hearts that we cannot imagine or want anything different.

Why start your own business? Another question that is asked of us quite frequently and another that we believe will be asked many more times. There is no shortage of places where we could work where the responsibility would be lessened, or the burden of ensuring that the company runs is on somebody else’s hands. However, through our careers, we have been in that position and know that for many profits bestrides patients. Starting our own business allows us to ensure that is not the case and have a true say in our companies’ priorities. It’s one of the reasons 90% of Lighthouse’s profits go back into the business. It also allows us to work with those we trust and have the utmost faith in to carry out our vision for how a Behavioral Health Clinic should be run. For us, our employees truly are our family (always were in some cases!), and that is how we believe a company should function, as a whole unit where everyone is valued, and everyone can share in our triumphs and laugh at our trip-ups. We believe that following the values of trust, integrity, commitment, boldness, and humility will allow us to be successful in this venture. And as long as we have these values to guide us like a lighthouse guides a ship into safe harbor, we will be successful in our endeavor.  


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Katy Cousart, PMHNP-BC

graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Nursing in 2014. Before finding her passion in mental health, she started her nursing career in various specialties, including ER, hematology, and oncology. She went on to pursue her Master's Degree from South Alabama in 2019. She's worked in many psychiatric settings, including inpatient, group homes, crisis residential, and private practice. She specialized in medication management with patients of all ages.

Angela Waldrop, PMHNP-BC

graduated from Wallace State Community College with an Associate Degree in Nursing. She continued her education, earning her B.S. from Jacksonville State and M.S. from The University of Alabama. She has worked as a pediatric behavioral health nurse and case manager, among other experiences. She has specialized in psychiatry and mental health, and medication management.

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Doris A. Bell, LICSW

Mrs. Bell is an experienced Psychotherapist with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Group Therapy, DBT, Psychotherapy, and Family Therapy.

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Gretchen Shay, MSW, LICSW , CADC , CCTP

Gretchen joined the Lighthouse family at the end of 2022. She's brought a wealth of therapy experience, focusing on individual and group therapy. Before entering the mental health field, she worked as a Middle School teacher.

She also heads the group therapy sessions currently offered once a month for those dealing with the loss of a loved one due to substance abuse. Contact Us to learn more.

The Rest of the Family

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Liz Colley

Office Manager

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Monique Long

Patient Coordinator

Leah Whitten

Administrative Assistant

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Jackson Cousart

Business Development

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Contact Us

8215 Madison Blvd. Suite 150

Office: (256)325-2500

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